Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Developing Future Leaders in Nursing

Jacquelyne Hulslander, Ph.D., BS ’77, BSN ’81, has had a successful nursing career in the United States and Bolivia. After retiring from the faculty of Triton College, Dr. Hulslander sought out opportunities to reconnect with Elmhurst College and started mentoring students here. Presently, she meets with two nursing students, Katie Boals ’15 and Greta Wischmeyer ’14, to share her insights into the nursing profession and life.

“What I hope to accomplish through the mentoring process is to bring a connection between this alumni and a current student.  I never had this type of connection as a student through my nursing program, bachelor and master’s degrees, and one did not develop until my doctoral studies.  It was at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana (where she completed her Ph.D. in education), that I became more confident, gained more insight and truly did benefit from a mentoring tutelage,” reflected Dr. H.

In Dr. Hulslander, Katie Boals ’15 has found a mentor who supports all her endeavors. “Dr. H and I meet in the Frick Center about once every two weeks or once a month,” Katie said. “We talk about how my classes are going, and she gives me advice on how to study. She is helping me with where I could work this coming summer too since I am a CAN. Dr. H is a fantastic mentor! She genuinely cares about us. She even came to some of my softball games last spring, which really meant a lot to me. I definitely got lucky with having her as my mentor, and I enjoy our time together.” Going the extra mile as Dr. H does has really allowed for this mentoring relationship to flourish

Dr. Hulslander sees maturity in Katie and encourages her to develop all of her interests. “Katie brings a wonderful balance to her college nursing and non-nursing courses, and her love of playing softball for the College. Katie sure makes me proud to have the foresight to enjoy her softball and yet, see how employment as a CNA will build her experiential learning.”

A woman of service, Dr. Hulslander found a kindred spirit in her other protégé, Greta Wischmeyer ’14. Greta met Dr. Hulslander in the fall of 2011 at a meeting for the Diocese of Joliet's mission trip to Bolivia. Shortly thereafter, the two were paired up to begin a mentoring relationship and became close friends. They bonded over their shared experience of traveling to Bolivia—even to the same city and hospital as one another!

“Dr. H and I met every other week or so on campus; we would reminisce about mission trips, discuss my classes, go over test taking strategies, and share the highlights of our personal lives,” said Greta. “Dr. H has given me guidance in all that my future career will entail. More importantly, the support she has given me has been immensely beneficial through the ups and downs of the past year. I cannot imagine what I would have done without the relationship I have formed with her.”

Truly, Greta became ‘mi querida hija’ [my sweet daughter],” said Dr. Hulslander. “What a blessing to know her and watch her grow as she experienced her first clinical rotation this past semester.”

Katie and Greta value their relationship with Dr. Hulslander so much that they sometimes bring their peers to meetings, hoping to share the wealth of information that comes from their mentorships.

In addition to spending time with Dr. Hulslander one-on-one, Katie and Greta have brought fellow students with them to their meetings. They value her expertise, support, and time so much and wanted to provide their peers with a similar opportunity. In turn, Dr. Hulslander also feels blessed by the experience. “One can certainly see how I have been the one who has gained two wonderful nursing students to my life and the pride I have with sharing in their lives,” Dr. Hulslander said.

Katie Boals, Dr. Hulslander, and Greta Wischmeyer

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