Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meals to Help Heal: Kelsey Dodd's Clinical Practicum in Dietetics

For pre-health professions students, gaining clinical experience can be one of the most exciting aspects of a student’s undergraduate years. The opportunity can confirm they are pursuing the right career path, teach them valuable professional lessons, and provide practical applications for the material they study in class. Many students work with the Patterson Center for the Health Professions (PCHP) to coordinate their shadowing, internships, and practicums. In conjunction with the PCHP, Kelsey Dodd is completing her clinical practicum this summer as a requirement for her major in exercise science. Her career interests include dietetics and personal training. Below Kelsey shares a bit about her practicum experience. 

"While working here at KSB Hospital (Dixon, IL) I saw so many aspects of nutrition that interest me, and I learned so much while being here. By being in a hospital I saw patients in all types of situations, and was able to personally interact with them when I brought them up their breakfast and lunch trays. I also was able to see where the food preparation all begins in the kitchen and how everyone in the kitchen works together in order to effectively serve the patients, meals on wheels recipients, and the guests in the cafeteria. This all taught me that my career choice of a dietician and a personal trainer is perfect for me, because I really enjoyed being here and knowing that every single day as a dietician is different. There are also so many opportunities and areas in the medical field that require diet and fitness, and everyone in the hospital such as: doctors, nurses, and lab technicians, all work alongside the dietician for the patient."  --Kelsey Dodd

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