Monday, January 26, 2015

Inpatient Pharmacy Internship is a Prescription for Success!

During the fall of 2014, Elmhurst College senior, Madiha Ahmad, completed an internship for her biology major at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital in the inpatient pharmacy. She had the opportunity to work with Sameena Sami, Pharm.D. to learn more about the field and how the pharmacy operates. Below Madiha has shared a bit about her internship responsibilities and what she gained from the experience. 

I assessed patients based on medications they have taken and are currently taking. I pulled drugs and dispensed/filled orders.  I observed the process of how drugs are distributed throughout the hospital.  I also observed how IV's are prepared. I learned appropriate patient/pharmacist bedside manner and how to correctly conduct medication counseling/education. I learned and implemented safe and efficient drug handling.  Most importantly, I learned how valuable the pharmacist's role is in the hospital setting.

Sameena Sami, Pharm.D. (left) with Madiha Ahmad

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